Marco Cadioli biography (short)

Marco Cadioli, artist and teacher, has focused his research on images that materialize on computer screens, blurring the boundaries between real and virtual since the early 2000s. His current works deal with how and what Artificial Intelligence is learning, introducing once again a new form of vision. In many works by Marco Cadioli there is a subversion of the use of systems and software, misused or used to do more than their main purpose to go beyond the surface of the algorithms. 
He exhibited in solo and group show, at: BASE Milano; iMAL, Brussels; LinkArt Center, Brescia; Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto; Gloria Maria Gallery, Milano; Neoludica, Biennale di Venezia; Casino Luxembourg; Macro Testaccio, Rome. 

Marco Cadioli CV

Cadioli’s works are an invitation to cross the weak border of the screen and discover that what we persist in calling virtual is often more real than what surrounds us and whose materiality we can perceive.

Graduated in cybernetics, he has followed the evolution of new media since the early 90s.

Marco Cadioli has focused his research on images that materialize on computer screens, blurring the border between real and virtual.
The network is the territory of his explorations through the analytical eye of the photographic medium, since the early 2000s when he published the “Net Photography Manifesto” and began to photograph beyond the screen, telling the network under construction and the birth of virtual worlds,
He has made reports from online war games as an “embedded” photographer and has published reports from virtual worlds on various international magazines, and wrote the book “Io reporter in Second Life” (Shake ed. 2007).
He therefore concentrated on the representation of the world in Google Earth, with a series of works that investigate, through the new perspectives offered by satellite vision, the signs left by man on the surface of the earth and their resemblance to the abstract art forms of the twentieth century.
His current research concerns how and what artificial intelligence is learning, digging into the databases of images used for their training. At a time when Artificial Intelligences are increasingly present in our life, it is important to ask ourselves what materials their learning is based on, because this process constitutes a sort of imprinting.
In many of Cadioli’s works there is a subversion of the use of software, with a use that forces its limits and goes beyond the surface of the algorithms to appropriate the system.

He has exhibited in personal and collective exhibitions including:
Back to the Metaverse (Solo Show at SMDOT Contemporary Art, Udine 2022)
Interfacce del presente (BASE Milano 2019), #LAYERS Contemporary Art in the Digital Era (iMAL, Brussels 2018) DADACLUB.ONLINE (Brescia, 2017) Necessary Lines, LinkArt Center (Solo Show, Brescia 2014) Abstract Journeys, Gloria Maria Gallery, (Solo Show, Milan 2012), InterAccess (Toronto 2013), Neoludica (54th Venice Biennale 2011), AFK (Casino Luxembourg, 2011), FotoGrafia Festival of Rome (MACRO Testaccio, 2010), Reality Festival (Paris 2008), PEAM Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting (2006).

He taught at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera as an adjunct professor from 2014 to 2022. He is currently Professor of NetArt at Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara and at Accademia di Belle Arti SantaGiulia in Brescia. Lives and works in Milan.


SMDOT/Contemporary Art, Udine (IT)


L’Apocalisse sarà visualizzta da una Ai – preview at Politecnico di Milano – MilanoDigitalWeek 2023
-SURFING ON THE ALGORITHMS – at SMDOT/Contemporary Art, Udine (group show)
Data Dating Desire, MO.CA. Brescia, curated by Valentina Peri
Back to the Metaverse, solo show at SMDOT/Contemporary Art, Udine
Rifting, part of The Wrong Biennale #5, curated by Federica Mirabella and Federico Poni (online show)
– 2019-
UN-LEARN / RE-LEARN, Base Milano
Interfacce del Presente,BASE Milano, curated by Fabio Paris and Tiziana Gemin
#LAYERS. Contemporary Art in the Digital Era, iMAL Brussels, curated by Fabio Paris
– 2017-
The Wrong (Digital art Biennale) Your Content Is Here @ Greencube.gallery
DADACLUB.ONLINE Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia, group show curated by Fabio Paris, Matteo Cremonesi
Dadaclub.online Paris, Galerie Charlot, Paris
REFRESH!, Link Art Center, Brescia, group show curated by Fabio Paris
The Form of Form, Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Lisbon
[in]exactitude in Science, Galerie Charlot, Paris, group show curated by Filippo Lorenzin, Kamilia Kard
Stato Solido, Galleria Kalpany, Milano
The Wrong Biennale Pavillon, [in]exactitude in science, curated by Filippo Lorenzin, Kamilia Kard
Off Biennale Cairo, curated by Elena Giulia Abbiatici, Cairo, Egypt
6PM Your Local Time, WeMake, Milano, Italy
The Wrong Digital Art Biennale
Media Art Futures, Murcia, ES – video screening curated by Pau Waelder
Internet Drones, group show, ULTRA, Udine
Square with concentric circles _  solo show, Ultra c/o eflux studio, Udine, curated by Daniele Capra
ATYPO CALL 01. _ group show, Galleria  Gennai-Arte Contemporanea, Pisa
LANDSHAPE _ group show, Spazio ULTRA, Udine
Necessary Lines, solo show, Link Point, Brescia
_MON3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US – Online exhibition
Googleheim, InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto
WHEREVER YOU ARE, Vkunst -video und medienkunst, Frankfurt
Viaggi Astratti in Google Earth, Video Projection at Galleria L’unique – CAEN (FR)
ABSTRACT JOURNEYS,  solo show at Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan,  January 2012,  curated by Vito Campanelli
BYOB Milano, Museo Pecci, curated by Domenico Quaranta
Ceci n’est pas la Fiac Paris,  online show www.lafiac.com
MIART 2012 – Art Fair with Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan
PLAY ME – Videoproiezioni a Galleria Zak, Monteriggioni (SI) curated by Elena Abbiatici, Valentina G.Levy
BYOB , Padiglione Internet, 54. Biennale di Venezia, Italy
Neoludica. Art is a game – evento collaterale 54. Biennale di Venezia, Italy
We can be Heroes
 Espace multimédia Gantner, Belfort, France
AFK (Away From Keyboard)
 – Casino Luxembourg – Luxembourg
MicroReel, rassegna video, Live Performers Meeting, Roma
Atopic Festival, Paris
Ceci n’est pas la Fiac Paris  www.lafiac.com
FUTURSPECTIVES FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale di Roma – MACRO Testaccio, Roma
Liminality Antena Gallery – Chicago
Der Neue Wanderer
 (SOLO SHOW) Overfoto Gallery, Napoli
Marco Manray in China (SOLO SHOW) Shake Edizioni, Milano, (part of the Festival “Border” )
Remap Berlin Odyssey art+performance sim in second life, (SOLO SHOW)
Atopic Festival Festival de films machinima – Cité des sciences, Paris
Reality Festival Premier festival international d’Art dédié aux mondes virtuels, Paris
Rinascimento Virtuale Museum of Natural History at the University of Florence
Allarmi “L’uno è il molteplice” Caserma De Cristoforis, Como
ArtecontemporaneamodernaRoma ArtFair with Galleria Overfoto, Roma
REPLICA Galleria Overfoto , Second Life
Shooting Pixels – Galleria Overfoto, Napoli
NetSpace: viaggio nell’arte della Rete Paesaggi elettronici, MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo – Roma
The Diamond
, PEAM Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting, Pescara 2006
SuperNeen, Galleria Pack, Milano 2006
Premio Michetti – Museo Michetti – Francavilla al Mare (Chieti)
PEAM Pescara Elettronic Artists Meeting Pescara
Sintesi Electronic Art Festival – Napoli

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