Abstract Journeys (2012)

Abstract Journeys, digital print on paper, 140×70 c
@ Gloria Maria Gallery, Milano 2012

Abstract Journeys is a screencapture series from Google Earth that explores the different surfaces and forms which have been transformed by man’s work in an abstract geometric composition. Involuntary land art pieces produced by the machines used for plowing large fields.


digital prints on Hahnemühle paper 100% cotton variable dimension
view the complete series here: http://abstractjourneys.tumblr.com/



Installation @ GloriaMaria Gallery Milano 2012
Abstract Trip #2 (7,47 Miles /12 Km) , video 1’50”, 2012
Abstract Trip #3 (3.97 Miles/6.38km) video 1’00”, 2012

from the catalogue by Vito Campanelli:
“While enjoying the works on display it will be difficult to avoid the game of finding correspondences with great twentieth-century European abstract artists. Someone will find ‘traces’ of a Klee or a Kandinsky, others will emphasize the similarities with the construction of a Moholy -Nagy, or even imagine a link to Luigi Veronesi’s stills. An addictive game to which the same Cadioli felt passionate in his formal research, the basic idea of abstract journeys was to embark on a trip around the earth, armed with a prodigious technological magnifying glass (Google Earth) and a specific purpose: to find motifs related to European abstract painting, among the forms that human beings give to the earth’s surface with their incessant activity. “

VERTIGO OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL SUBLIME by Vito Campanelli on Risekult ArtBook

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