Back to the Metaverse

The Whirlpool, digital print, 2022

“Il Gorgo e la Promessa”, is an installation with two side-by-side videos, both shot in the Metaverse in the last months of 2021 when interest in the Metaverse exploded and everyone jumped in, in the Gorgo, with a Promise, no longer the network as a place of freedom but worlds directly linked to the phenomenon of Cryptocurrencies strongly based on the theme of money.

The Whirlpool and the Promise, installation view during the solo show “Back to the Metaverse” at SMDOT/Contemporary Art, Udine 2022

The “The Whirlpool”, 2022 – video 5:58 – H264 1920×1080
filmed in Decentraland between late 2021 and early 2022, when interest in the Metaverse exploded and everyone literally jumped into it. Everyone has a different attitude in front of a new world, who is more uncertain, who goes direct, who would like to escape, who is saved by a whisker. And the sound reveals the real world behind the avatar.
The promise, animated gif, 2022

In the solo show “Back to the Metaverse”, works from 2007 are placed side by side with the new installation, a span of 15 years from the first experiences of Metaverse to the recent explosion of interest on the subject. A return therefore, in a profoundly changed context that sees the network in a new phase of transformation.

Me flying over the birth of a virtual world, 2006
digital print on fine art paper, 40×60 cm, framed, ed 3 (

Installation view

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