Coloring Book for Kids and Young AI

Coloring Book for Kids and young AI, book with 40 coloring pages

Let your children play with the same images used by the most advanced computer vision systems!!!

The images contained in this coloring book are used as a test (Ground truth) to verify the accuracy of the edge detection algorithms used by computer vision systems. They were hand-drawn by thirty anonymous human subjects that traced the main contours of the photographs. These images are part of The Berkeley Segmentation Dataset, a large dataset of natural images that have been manually segmented and provide an empirical basis for research on image segmentation and boundary detection. Many artificial intelligences have been trained on these images for recognizing the objects and main areas of an image, just as children learn to recognize shapes and give it meaning by coloring the white areas of coloring books. This book allows you to use the same materials for training both children and young artificial intelligence.

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