Curating the AI

The ‘Curating the AI’ project explores the relationship between AI and curatorial practice, through the construction of an exhibition, from the creation of the works to the exhibition design choices to the communication devices, and the catalogue.
It took place within social media between October 2022 and January 2023, based on the construction of the image and communication of the exhibition, which did not actually take place IRL, but featured installations in large museum spaces, a Performing Arts Festival and a curatorial focus on the theme of Human/Nature/AI Symbiosis, through event posts and personal relationships.
The project developed from an initial post on Instagram on 25 October 2022 and grew with the following posts
In order to construct the narrative of the exhibition in the imaginary place of Studio DREAM, the images of the works, the visitors, the documentation of the performances and the Symbiosis section, were all created with text-to-image generator systems, starting from the textual indications of the artist/curator that developed and shaped the imagined curatorial path.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” This is a quote from Sir Walter Scott’s 1808 poem “Marmion” and it means that when people tell lies or become involved in deceit, it can become very complicated and difficult to untangle.
The Performing Arts Festival explores the theme of deception through a diverse array of performances. The festival offers to experience a variety of performances, including theatre, dance, and music, all of which delve into the complexities and consequences of deception.

Symbiosis is a relationship in which two or more organisms of different species live in close association and benefit from each other. This concept can be applied to the relationship between nature, human beings, and AI. Nature provides the resources and ecosystem that support human life, while human beings have the ability to harness these resources and use technology, including AI, to improve their lives. In turn, AI can assist with preserving and protecting the natural environment by analyzing data and identifying patterns that can inform conservation efforts.

Installation at SMDOT Contemporary Art, UDINE – part of the group show “Surfing the algorithms” – January 2023
Installation at SMDOT Contemporary Art, UDINE – part of the group show “Surfing the algorithms” – January 2023
Installation at SMDOT Contemporary Art, UDINE – detail – January 2023
Catalogue – COMING SOON!!
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